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Rigzone Recent News

The latest upstream oil and gas news from around the world.
  1. Buckeye did not say if the tanks at the 4.6-million-barrel terminal were damaged by Hurricane Maria.
  2. Similarly, EPA extended enforcement discretion for certain air pollutants from gasoline storage tanks during so-called roof landings.
  3. A fault in the supply of natural gas from Israel's only commercial field has forced Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz to authorize the use of alternative fuel sources to produce electricity.
  4. "There's a lot of support in Latin America to see Venezuela start to respect its people and go back to the democracy it's supposed to be," said UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.
  5. Drillers cut five oil rigs in the week to Sept. 22, bringing the total count down to 744.
  6. They're piloting a system that can pinpoint leaks and other disturbances down to the centimeter.
  7. Oil rose slightly after an OPEC gathering concluded with no decision on an extension or deepening of supply cuts.
  8. Sri Lanka wants to build a new refinery in its southern Hambantota port.
  9. Traders expect the European exports to continue for several more weeks.
  10. Phillips 66 Partners LP says it would buy pipeline and other assets from parent Phillips 66 in a $2.4B deal.