UC-3 Casing Slip

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The Baash-Ross style UC-3 Casing Slip provides the full circumferential grip necessary to handle the weight of most casing strings and the thin wall of the casing.  The UC-3 Casing Slip has a 3” taper designed with a single liner per segment and a liner keeper assembly with bolt and washer for easy removal of the liner.  

The UC-3 Casing Slip supports two different size segments to catch the range of casing from 9 5/8” to 42”.  The 10 3/4” UC-3 casing slip can be dressed down to 9 5/8” with reducing inserts and has a range of 10 3/4”-9 5/8”.  The 11 3/4” – 42” size range is possible by adding or removing segments and changing inserts.  The segments are made of alloy steel, are heat treated for strength and wear resistance, and machined to strict quality controlled standards.

View the UC-3 Casing Slip parts list (PDF)

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