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Oil and Gas Journal Drilling News

  1. ExxonMobil Corp. subsidiary XTO Energy Inc. is implementing a program to further reduce methane emissions from its US production and midstream operations.

  2. BP Oman said production has started from Phase 1 of Khazzan field in the Oman desert 350 km south of Muscat. BP, the operator, expects to drill about 300 wells during the field’s life. Combined production from Phases 1 and 2 is expected to be 1.5 bcfd.

  3. In the aftermath of resolution of a maritime boundary dispute between Ghana and Ivory Coast, Tullow Oil PLC said it will work with Ghana on permits to restart development drilling in the offshore TEN fields. The company expects to resume drilling around the end of the year.

  4. Russia probably has a stronger interest now than China in propping up President Nicolas Maduro's regime to gain more access to Venezuela's massive crude oil deposits, two witnesses told a US House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Sept. 13.
  5. Operators implemented technology to rapidly increase Permian basin production and they are poised to continue increasing Permian production.