XP-1000 Ton Rotary Slip

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The XP-1000 Ton Rotary Slip is designed to support ultra-high loads associated with critical deep water and deep well operations.  The unique design facilitates equal loading by incorporating machine grooves in the slip body and mating load supporting inserts.  As a result, the string weight is distributed equally throughout the slip body as opposed to point loading the slip in the toe.  This is a feature all conventional slips possess.  Transverse load effect (the root cause of slip crushing) is substantially reduced by modifying the geometry of an existing slip design.  The combination of the new taper and the extended contact area increases the safe load capacity 173% when compared to conventional slips.

XP-1000 Ton Rotary Slip are quality, heat-treated steel construction and are capacity rated to API specifications.

Size Range: 7" through 4 1/2"

Capacity: 1000 ton 

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