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The Type T Safety Clamp is one of the most valuable tools on the rig floor.  It helps to prevent dropping flush joint pipe etc. into the hole while making – up or breaking – out.  The Type T Safety Clamp consists of individual links, flexibly hinged together.  Each link has a separate tapered segment which acts as a gripping member, much like a tapered rotary slip.  Each segment is held in a retracted position on the taper by spring tension.  When the clamp is tightened each segment takes a firm grip on the surface of the pipe.  

Should the pipe start to fall or should load increase occur against the segments, the tapered mounting cause each segment to wedge tighter against the surface of the pipe to increase the grip to lock the pipe against further movement.  Gripping pressure is always uniform around the pipe so there is little danger of crushing thin – walled pipe or damaging the pipe surface.  Type T Safety Clamps are quality, heat – treated steel and are constructed to API specifications.  

(Size range 1-1/8” to 4-1/2” by adding or subtracting segments)


View Type T Safety Clamp parts list (PDF)

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