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The Type B Tong Drill Pipe & Casing Tong was designed to meet the need of a sturdier tong for deeper holes, bigger pipe and heavier rig equipment.   It is especially recommended where ever high torque may be expected.  It can adapt readily to normal casing service with the addition of extended – head components.  These are not recommended for drill – collar breakout or rotary service.  The Type B Drill Pipe & Casing Tongs tongs are quality, heat treated steel construction and are capacity rated to API specifications.  


Torque Rating (ft.lb.)
Size Range
B 30,000 13 3/8"
  40,000 9" - 11 3/4"
  55,000 3 1/2" - 9"
B Extended Head
(for Casing)
25,000 13 3/8" - 25 1/2"


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