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Master bushings are offered in 27-1/2” and 37-1/2”.  The pin drive allows the Kelly bushing to ride on top of the rotary table and permits extended bowls to be used for better slip backup.  Better slip backup means heavier strings can be run without the danger of bottlenecking and gouging.  

  • The extended API insert bowl No. 3 allows the MSPC to handle 2-3/8” through 8-5/8” inch OD drill pipe, drill collars, tubing and casing.  
  • The insert bowl No. 2 can handle tubular from 9-5/8” and 10-3/4” OD.  
  • The insert bowl No. 1 can handle 11-3/4” – 13-3/8”.  

These master bushings are quality, heat treated steel construction and are manufactured to API specifications.

Casing bushings are offered in 20” for CUL bushing and 20” through 30” for CB bushing for National, Oilwell, Ideco, Emsco, Wirth and Gardner -  Denver.   

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