LD Type 1000 Ton Rotary Slip

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 The LD Type 1000 Ton Rotary Slips incorporates some unique and innovative features.  It is designed to address the problems that can arise from ever increasing drill string loads now being encountered in deep water drilling.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Each insert rests on its own independent ledge and in this way the load is more evenly distributed over the full vertical height of all inserts in the slip.  
  • Reduces the importance of the slip toe, thereby reducing the possibility of slip toe failure.  
  • Allows the full insert contact area to be retained, thus reducing the possibility of crushing the pipe.  
  • Comes with a floating hinge pin design which allows the three slip segments to move individually and equally towards the center of the pipe.  
  • All segments to transmit equal forces towards the center of the drill pipe as the string weight increases.  
  • The LD has a 16” gripping surface with 24 special designed inserts.  

LD Type 1000 Ton Rotary Slips are quality, heat-treated steel construction and are capacity rated to API specifications.

Size Range: 7" through 4 1/2"

Capacity: 1000 ton 

View LD Type 1000 Ton Rotary Slip parts list (PDF)

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